ILA Member Spotlight – Nory Durrell

Nory Durrell

When you speak with Independent Living Association (ILA) member Nory Durrell, she is quick to point out all the blessings in her life. What becomes clear very quickly, however, is how many lives she's blessed doing the work that she loves to do.

Nory grew up in the Philippines, and spent time working in Italy and Austria before moving to San Diego. She speaks about being happy when her family can all get together in the Philippines, but notes that being an Independent Living owner means she has a family here who mean a lot to her as well. Her "second" family resides at Beatitude Independent Living in San Diego, which Nory has owned for over two years.

Beatitude Independent Living (which translates to "supreme blessedness") began due to Nory's big heart and her desire to help others in the community who were looking for a home and a family to be a part of. When Nory looks back on beginning her Independent Living, she remembers the first five months being really tough. A turning point for Nory's business was joining the Independent Living Association; she reflects that the networking and classes have been really beneficial, and remarked that having the ILA's support as she was getting started was important to her success.

Nory's passion for her home is clear when she speaks about the importance of providing a safe place for people to live. Nothing makes Nory happier than when a resident thanks her for providing them a place to stay. With good meals, dance parties, and birthday celebrations, it makes sense why residents at Beatitude feel blessed to have Nory in their lives. The Independent Living Association is proud to have Nory as a member!

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