ILA Member Spotlight – Jaron Haynes

Jaron Haynes, owner of Angel House and Freedom House

Jaron Haynes, owner of Angel House and Freedom House

Jaron Haynes:  Angel House and Freedom House

When looking at the work of Jaron Haynes, Independent Living owner of Angel House and Freedom House, the word "dedication" is synonymous with who he is. Jaron has been providing housing to those individuals returning to the community on probation or parole from the local prison system for over 10 years.

While in graduate school, studying to become a Marriage and Family Therapist, Jaron worked at the Isis Crisis House. During his time there, he had an opportunity to work with the Mentally Ill population, many of whom were in need of housing. Through this work he had an opportunity to see numerous Independent Living Homes that were subpar to say the least. This became Jaron's motivation to open up a home of his own. He wanted to do his part for the community by providing a high quality home for individuals just like his clients at the crisis house who deserved better housing options than what they were being provided.

Jaron describes the residents he houses as "resilient, incredible people." He enjoys hearing their stories and describes what interesting lives they have lived. Jaron acknowledges that most people are uncomfortable housing this particular population but that he really enjoys it and is very comfortable working with individuals diagnosed with Mental Illness. He knows the population he houses is very much in need of quality housing following their release from the prison system. Having worked in jails for a lengthy period of time, Jaron understands the background of his residents and what their lives were like during their periods of incarceration. He understands they have made mistakes along the way but holds them accountable for their actions.

When introduced to the concept of the ILA, Jaron was eager to join a professional association dedicated to ensuring high quality Independent Livings in the County as that was his original motivation to become an Independent Living owner himself all those years ago. Jaron hopes that more Independent Living owners continue to recognize the importance of being part of a community like the ILA offers.

Although Jaron's work as an Independent Living owner is often a 24 hour a day job, when he does have free time, he enjoys boating and being outdoors. Jaron's other hobbies also includes refurbishing old cars.

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