ILA Member Spotlight – Greg Bisbee

Greg-BisbeeThis quarter's ILA Member Spotlight is on Greg Bisbee, coowner of My Brother's and Sister's Keeper Independent Living with his wife, Susan. The Bisbees have been active ILA members since 2015.

Greg Bisbee is currently a Division Manager for a non-profit that hires people with disabilities to work on military contracts. Over time, he began to notice that some of his employees were having trouble getting to or focusing while at work, due to their stressful living environment at their current Independent Living. He even got to see, firsthand, some of the "bad" Independent Livings that his employees lived in when he dropped them off after work. It was then that the Bisbees decided to open their own Independent Living.

Prior to joining the Independent Living Association, Greg and Susan, had just bought a property and were researching the different kinds of rental properties that they could potentially run. However, after hearing horror stories from some of his employees who had lived in Independent Livings, the Bisbees decided to help make a difference and open a quality home so that people living with disabilities would not have to live in unsanitary conditions and be taken advantage of. Some of their friends connected them to the ILA once they knew what the Bisbees were trying to do.

Since joining the ILA, Greg says that his favorite thing about owning an Independent Living is the impact that living in their home has on the tenants. Greg states that, "All of our tenants are treated like family, don't have to deal with drama, and live in a clean environment". He says that he sees that there is still a need for more quality Independent Livings. He thinks that the ILA could potentially provide a "blueprint" for local politicians to see how this program can help address the homeless situation. He hopes to see the ILA grow throughout the county, California, and then on to other states.

Although running their Independent Living keeps them very busy, the Bisbee family does take the time to recharge. In their spare time, Greg, Susan, and their two sons enjoy outdoor activities like: surfing, riding mountain bikes, and fishing.

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My Brother's and Sister's Keeper Independent Living

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